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Pyatigorsk is a town in the south of Russia, the main town of the North Caucasus Federal District.
It is the oldest Russian spa-resort, hosting tourists since the beginning of the XIX Сentury. Its popularity is based on a combination of mineral springs, mild climate and beautiful natural landscape. It is compared with resorts like Montecatini Terme, Baden-Baden, Evian.
Popular tourist routes to the ski and other resorts of Caucasus begin from Pyatigorsk. There is a large airport and international transfer hub Mineralnye Vody near the town. It accepts flights from all parts of Russia (for example, 16 flights a day arrive from Moscow only), as well as many international destinations (Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Antalya, Tel Aviv, Dubai, etc.). Pyatigorsk is called the gateway to North Caucasus.


Soft Gold of Russia is a bright trend of recent years, effectively burst into the world of fur business and immediately occupied a prominent place in it. The Exhibition is held annually in Pyatigorsk since 2017, gathering at the International Exhibition site more than 150 manufacturers of fur and leather clothing, hats, accessories, scins and equipment for fur production. The International Exhibition range is always rich and diverse. Several thousand buyers from hundreds of cities of Russia and neighboring countries in a comfortable business environment carry out here their business programs. In 2019, according to the number of participants and visitors, Soft Gold of Russia became the second in the world, overtaking the largest fur Exhibitions in Europe.
Every year the world fur fashion concentrates here.
- Here are the best examples of fur industry presented
- There are 150 leading fur factories in Russia, Turkey, Italy, Greece presented here
- Here are all business opportunities
- Here is the Region of world fashion trends
- Here is the sea of vivid impressions and cultural discoveries
- Here are unexpected bonuses for participants and hundreds of benefits for exhibitors


Historically, more than 70% of Russia's fur production is concentrated around Pyatigorsk, a town called the fur capital of Russia. Pyatigorsk is the venue for holding of one of the world’s largest annual international fur and leather exhibitions SOFT GOLD OF RUSSIA. The International Exhibition has been held since 2017 under the auspices of Russian Association of Fur and Leather.
From year to year SOFT GOLD OF RUSSIA expands and raises its level.


Multifunctional business centre SOFT GOLD is engaged in exhibition, publishing and educational activities, as well as information, legal and organizational support for the fur industry in Russia. We create new projects and develop the existing ones, making them even more interesting and consistent with the spirit of the times. One of the main activities of the Company is organization of the annual exhibition of fur and leather products Soft Gold of Russia.
In April 2017 our first exhibition took place. Over eight hundred purchasers provided the fur factories with orders for the whole new season. The success of the event gave us the opportunity to make it annual.
The second and the third exhibitions acquired international status. As a result, more than a hundred manufacturers met their old partners, found new ones and concluded cooperation agreements for a year ahead. In 2019 it became the largest fur exhibition in Europe by the number of exhibitors and visitors. More than 150 manufacturers from 11 countries and over 3,000 buyers from more than 250 cities gathered in Pyatigorsk.
The expanded geography of participants represented factories of Russia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Germany, China and Kazakhstan as well as international fur auctions, fur farms, manufacturers of hats, accessories and fur production equipment.


- to book a transfer from the airport Mineralnye Vody
- to order a room in one of the health resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters and, in parallel with the business program, provide recreational and relaxation activities at those famouse resorts
- to use the service of organized delivery to the International Exhibition from places of residence in hotels and spa-complexes of Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk and Essentuki