Moscow is embarking on a new stage of lifting restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic: the sports industry is resuming its work, fitness clubs and swimming pools are opening. Muscovites again can use street gym machines, sit in arbors and on park benches and celebrate weddings. About 150 thousand people in the Capital have now returned to work. Restaurants, cafes and fitness clubs work in the normal mode too. In addition, public infrastructure elements usage restrictions have been lifted. In Russia as a whole, indicators of recovered patients allow us to make optimistic forecasts about development of the situation.

People are already thinking about where and how they would like to relax this year. Forbes Life has spoken to those who cannot sit still and prefer travelling about the main tourism directions within the Country. It is gratifying that for connoisseurs of thermal water the periodical recommends CMW area. In almost any of the Caucasus resorts - whether it be Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk or Zheleznovodsk - you can take healing baths with mineral water. Spa retreats in our region are already meeting tourists with might and main, so it’s easy to find an option for everyone.

In the Stavropol Territory, life is gradually returning to normal. For more than a month, every day in the Territory begins with publication of the coronavirus COVID-19 distribution reports. Governor Vladimir Vladimirov shares the latest operational information with his subscribers on the Instagram social network.

Today, June 23, he said that the situation was gradually improving, over the past 24 hours statistics have shown an increase in the number of recovered patients over sick ones; testing coverage is still expanding, and the capabilities of the Stavropol medics allow them to provide assistance to everyone who needs it.

On June 24, in the regional capital, as in many cities of Russia, a parade in honor of the World War II Victory will be held. In Stavropol city they will present the largest flower garden in the region: a flower bed with an area of almost 300 square meters will house a floral pattern of more than 15 species of plants such as chlorophytums, begonias, hypoestheses, cineraria and others. On the same day in Zheleznovodsk town, a parade of doctors will be dedicated to the Victory.

On June 22 at 4 a.m. in Pyatigorsk an annual mourning rally was held on the Eternal Flame square. There gathered together the War veterans and young children in historic military uniforms, representatives of public organizations, Pyatigorsk youth and residents of mature years.

Another good news for those who are bored with self-isolation: in Kislovodsk city, as in other resort cities, parks have been opened for walking.

Recent news show that life is returning to its usual rhythm, the economy of the Country and Region is beginning to get back to its usual way. Difficult times just temper our characters, make us stronger, help us test ourselves for strength. We, the team of Soft Gold Company, are optimistic about the future, continuing to prepare for the 4th Exhibition of Fur and Leather “Soft Gold of Russia”. We are confident that any difficulties can be overcome!